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Protecting your commercial business premises or workplace from germs has never been more important. In a world where the spread of germs is putting stop to business and life as we know it, it is vital to ensure the safety at key touchpoints.

More and more Australian owned and operated businesses are protecting their workforce and customers with our state-of-the-art, touch screen automatic hand sanitiser dispensers.

The choice is yours as we offer two models – both wall mounted and free standing dispensers. Our models includes a HUGE 21.5 inch display and also a 10.1 inch compact display model.

Never in Australia’s history has protection against germs been so detrimental to our lifestyles and economy. Aussie Hand Sanitiser dispensers are designed for all Australian workplaces, retail and commercial premises.

Every business wants to reduce the risk of illness in their workplace and keep their patrons safe.

Promote good hygiene habits by providing high quality sanitisers. Our waterless hand sanitisers work against common bacteria and germs that can cause infection and disease.

Buy Hand Sanitiser products online at Aussie Hand Sanitisers and enjoy huge discounts across the entire range. The products are online and in stock today.

21.5" Hand Sanitiser Dispenser & Display

Sanitising Dispensers for Retail and Commercial.

The unit measures 21.5 inches and supports both VESA wall mount and floor standing installation.

This can be loaded with santising:

  • gel,
  • liquid, or
  • foam products

Is ideal for anyone to use in a public or private setting, at the entrance of your shop, next to a lift, cash register or door.

The pump is touchless washless station that can be setup on the wall or floor to keep hands clean and germ free, comes with a body temperature monitor.

10.1" Hand Sanitiser Dispenser & Display

Floorstanding Unit

This hand sanitiser dispenser is equipped with an infrared sensor.

The benefits are the stand can be visually seen and is convenient to store most alcohol-based products.

The cabin can be loaded with:

  • 1000 mL of liquid,
  • gel or
  • foam

Most popular in retail, restaurants, shop entrance, aisles and more.  The floor standing display unit is commercial use.

8 Inch Face Recognition & Body Temperature Measurement Kiosk
Face Recognition & Body Temperature Measurement Station

The face recognition display unit can be used at reception desks to increase your place into a Covid safe environment and screen guests, patrons, employees, contractors and anyone who has entered and left the building.

Most popular in:

  • aged care facilities
  • the office
  • hotels
  • aisle gates
  • office buildings
  • schools
  • shopping malls
  • retail shops
  • restaurants
  • communities and other places that require video face recognition technology and security to record people as they enter and leave the building.
Hand Sanitisers for ATMs

Display stand for Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)

Specifically designed for customers to sanitize hands at ATMs, cash registers, retail stores, Eftpos machines, retail point of sale displays that require customers to touch surfaces.

Kills 99.9% of germs. Fast!

Aussie Hand Sanitisers provide hygienic automatic hand sanitiser dispensers and displays. Ideal for washrooms, bathrooms, entrances to communal areas, or anywhere where hand washing facilities are not available, but much needed.

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers help to deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria. Particularly in busy environments like bars, clubs, shops, schools and offices. Help stop the spread of germs. You can count on Aussie Hand Sanitisers!  read more

We are here to support our customers during COVID-19.

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