8 Inch Face Recognition & Body Temperature Measurement Kiosk

Suitable for gate, wall-mounted, desktop, floor-mounted installation

8 Inch Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal Body Temperature Kiosk
The kiosk can be used in public service and management projects such as office areas, hotels, aisle gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, construction sites and other places that require face access.
Desk mounted kiosk
Short standing kiosk
Tall standing kiosk
Kiosk in action
Slim Design 8 Inch Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Kiosk
Watch this video too see the kiosk in action:

New Trends in Smart Access Control

1. Uniqueness

Faces are unique and cannot be copied. Helps prevent counterfeiting.

2. Non-contact

No need to touch the equipment – simply enter the range and be idetified. Very convenient for hygiene purposes.

3. Convenience

No need to carry it. No need to cooperate.

4. Development capabilities

We can provide SDK for software customisation. High amount of freedom for secondary development.

5. Stability

Different angles / different light – faces can be accurately identified.

6. Accuracy

Can quickly measure the body temperature and report any unusual body temperture.

7. Traceable

Supports QR code to trace and report person’s health conidtion. Safe and accurate.

8. Automatic report

Automatically alarm when a high temperature body detected. It can also send an email report to the manager immediately.

Large-Capacity Face Database

20,000 face photos, 1 million identification records, 20,000 on-site snapshots

Large-Capacity Face Database

HD Camera – Real People Detection

Wide dynamic camera real people anti-counterfeiting, artificial intelligence deep learning function, intelligent recognition, elimate camouflage.

HD Camera

Multiple Recognition Scenes Can Be Identified

Multiple Recognition Scenes Can Be Identified

Safe Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Built in infrared non-touch temperature module. When users are performing their face recognition, the kiosk can measure their forehead and facial skin temperature at the same time.

In a non-contact, accurate, reliable, efficient and non-perceived way – the terminal will issue a warning to those whose body temperature exceeds normal values and shows their temperature.

Safe Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Visualisation, Intelligence Epidemic Prevention and Control Platform

With large screen display panel. The kiosk can screen out temperature test results and attendance in real-time. Automatically generate reports through email. Quickly get the body temperature of all personnel and improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention.

Visualisation, Intelligence Epidemic Prevention and Control Platform
Kiosk size and dimensions
Kiosk and hand sanitiser

Product features

1. Wide dynamic binocular live anti-counterfeiting, completely solve the deception of various photos on various carriers;
2. Support LED intelligent fill light;
3. Support serial port, Wiegand 26, 34 output, output content support configuration;
4. Real-time temperature monitoring, Body temperature tolerance range is accurate to 0.3, Body temperature detection distance is 0.5-1 meters;
5. Wide dynamic binocular live anti-counterfeiting, completely solve the deception of various photos on various carriers:
(a) Cloud platform device supports storing 50,000 face photos at the same time (Photo size is less than 400KB); 1 million identification records(0.45KB); 20,000 pieces live snapshot photos;
(b) LAN device supports simultaneous storage of 20,000 pieces face photos (The photo size is calculated according to 100KB), 1 million identification records (Contains the most recent 10,000 pieces live snapshot photos).

Algorithm Brand: MEGVII

1.1: N Face recognition,face library supports 20,000 pieces face photos,
Top1 hit rate is 99.99%;
2.1:1 The accuracy of face and ID comparison is over 99%;
3. Fast recognition:
(a) Face tracking and detection takes about 20ms;
(b) Face feature extraction takes about 200ms;
(c) Live detection face comparison takes 0.2ms;
(d) Feature comparison takes 0.5ms; (10,000 pieces of face photos library, multiple identification and take the average value;
4. Support stranger detection, stranger level can be configured;
5. Support face recognition and on-site photo storage during stranger detection;
6. Support HTTP interface docking;
7. Support public network and local area network deployment;
8. Support screen display content configuration;
9. Support identification distance configuration.

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