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Aussie hand sanitisers are bottled fluid sanitiser for your hands made up of gel, foam, or liquid form. Its primary use is to decrease infectious germs or other agents on the hands, palms, and skin. Hand sanitiser is less effective in killing stronger germs, such as coronavirus and unlike soap and water, it can’t do much against stains or harmful chemicals. Some Aussie hand sanitisers are more effective than others because their alcohol concentration is too low. But compared to reducing bacteria most healthcare places prefer sanitiser over soap.

Alcohol-based Aussie hand sanitisers have joined a combination of isopropyl, ethanol, or propanol with brands containing 60% to 95% alcohol proving to be more effective. Aussie hand sanitisers with those levels tend to be more flammable so please be careful with them. They tend to be more impactful with those levels against microorganisms but not spores. Some products tend to contain fragrances; however, these tend to discourage an allergic reaction.

The global pandemic has shown an increase in demand for hand sanitisers, and hand dispenser stands. At Aussie Hand Sanitiser And Dispensers, we are working to provide and support for safe public hygiene in schools, stores, malls, and public work zones. We fight and push to get our hand sanitiser dispenser stands in more commercial areas across Victoria. COVID-19 spreads through coughs and sneezes in shops, and marketplaces, and it’s sad because no hygienic stands or hand sanitiser dispensers are there to prevent the spreading before 2020. The problem with COVID-19 and flu season is we should’ve had more hand sanitisers even then in more stores in Melbourne to keep our inner cities safe. A person can acquire the coronavirus by touching walls infected with the virus, you touch your face, the doorknob, toilet stalls, taps, and washers every day. We need hand sanitisers in every place possible. We only want the best for our fellow Australians to be safe against germs and other illnesses in public hotspots and commercial places.

We fight to ensure every employee can go to work safely and secure on hygiene, it should be required from employees to practice good hygiene in workplaces and places where you’re at risk.

Everyone must keep themselves sanitised during this stressful time, COVID-19 has risen back in Victoria, and it’s important to keep the cases down and infection away. If you show up to a group meeting and one of those people had COVID, you could possibly dodge a bullet by hand sanitising your hands beforehand. But the one thing we fight for at Aussie is to keep everybody safe inside malls, schools and stores from cases of flu and other sicknesses.

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