Commercial Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Commercial Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Hygienic automatic commercial hand sanitiser dispensers and displays. Ideal for washrooms, bathrooms, entrances to communal areas, or anywhere where hand washing facilities are not available, but much needed.

Alcohol-based commercial hand sanitisers help to deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria.

Particularly in busy commercial environments like bars, clubs, restaurants and shops. Help stop the spread of germs. You can count on Aussie Hand Sanitisers!

We have a choice of both wall mounted and free standing commercial hand sanitiser dispensers and displays in different sizes.

Reduce the risk of illness in your workplace or business and keep your patrons safe.

Promote good hygiene habits by providing high quality commercial hand sanitisers in your workplace. See our commercial hand sanitisers below:
21.5" Hand Sanitiser Dispenser & Display

21.5 " Hand Sanitiser Dispenser & Display

21.5 inch Hand Sanitising Dispenser supports both VESA wall mount and floor standing installation.

Convenient for anyone to use and in any public setting. Help people keep their hands clean and keep safe.

Comes with a Body Temperature Monitor!

10.1" Hand Sanitiser Dispenser & Display

10.1" Hand Sanitiser Dispenser & Display

The 10.1" Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is equipped with an infrared sensor and hand sanitiser dispenser.

The sanitiser cabin can be loaded with 1000 mL of sanitiser liquid.

Hand Sanitisers for ATMs

ATM Hand Sanitisers

Specifically designed to help your customers with hand sanitisation at ATMs.

Kills 99.9% of germs. Fast!

Commercial Hand Sanitisers

Our hand sanitiser can contain alcohol or non-alcohol agents that kill germs and bacteria. Our hand sanitisers are commonly used to remove germs from hands when washing with soap and water is simply not an option.

Our commercial hand sanitiser dispensers and accessories can be used to set up hand sanitiser stations that encourage staff and patrons to clean their hands.

This will lead to minimise sick days, lost productivity and higher numbers of customers.

The Corona virus situation has challenged the retail and hospitality sectors to re-evaluate the safety and productivity of their commercial environments.

Habits of personal hygiene have been highlighted to minimise the effect of the virus in a commercial environment. Commercial hand sanitiser dispensers create a positive experience and help retain and develop customer loyalty and the wellbeing of customers.

To support this, we have a number of products to respond to the current COVID-19 epidemic with our range of commercial hand sanitizer dispensers.

The commercial hand sanitiser dispensers have been designed to offer a hygenic and novel solution to any commercial environment.

You can trust Aussie Hand Sanitisers.

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We are here to support our customers during COVID-19.

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